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If you've come to this page there is a good reason. You may be reading this because something is calling you. You may be noticing a quiet but persistent feeling of something that is calling you for more.  
This could be your soul knocking at the door hoping to get your attention. The calling of your heart is your internal guidance system nudging you to where your happiness lies. 

My name is Reverend Susanna Goulder and I am The Life Purpose Coach. Everyone, everywhere, without a doubt, has a life purpose. Sadly, we don't live in a society that supports, or promotes, living with purpose. It celebrates it from celebrities, but if you're feeling out of place in your job, or out of sorts in your life, chances are there are people in your life that may not want to hear you talk about living a life of purpose. Still, there could be something within you that seeks to be more authentic to who you are. That could be your purpose calling for you.

Living a life of purpose isn't selective for special people. Everyone has a life purpose. If you have a longing to live a life with more meaning, that could be your purpose longing for you to discover it too.

Live Your Purpose - http://www.live-good-life.com/

Live Your GOODLIFE Coaching helps you uncover what is underneath the longings and the callings. What you'll find is a clarity building process of deep and pointed questions in a very safe manner where you are never pushed to do anything outside of your comfort zone. 

There will be techniques, exercises, and often fun, creative tools that are specifically designed to bring your truth to the light. It is 'you' at your most authentic level of your being that is revealed. Your authentic truth brings in its wake your passions, enthusiasm and joy.  

As the process continues, and a pragmatic strategy and course of action is planned, an aura of enthusiasm begins to radiate around you. You will begin to see a life that at one time was barely visible, now is coming to life. One day, not so very far into the distant future, you will discover yourself to be happy and satisfied because you're living in pure alignment with your soul. Passion becomes the fuel of your work. Practical business means and methods are in conjunction with your passion so that you prosper and thrive. You've stepped into the life that you’re meant to lead and are energized and enthused by the life you live. 

Yes, my friend, this can happen to you.

Clients who worked with Susanna have:
  • Quieted their overactive thinking mind
  • Connected deeply spiritually
  • Created career opportunities authentic to their passions, values, and strengths
  • Reached their goals more quickly with less effort
  • Reduced their stress levels by half
  • Received clarity and moved forward to a life they love

Live Your Purpose with Arms Open WideSusanna left her successful and secure career as a set decorator in motion pictures and television. She was best known as the original set decorator of “Sex & The City” establishing the look of the show. Susanna was Divinely guided  to leave the film business because she wanted live a purposeful, compassionate, empathetic life helping others overcome their challenges and live emopwered in  joy. She entered seminary and became an interfaith minister. Today it is Susanna's purpose to help others discover their souldful purpose. It is her mission that our nation embrace and support everyone's discovery of their soulful purpose. Imagine what our nation would be like if everyone were encouraged to discover and live their purpose! Let's start here with you. You deserve the freedom and joy. 
Susanna is recognized as 
·      The Life Purpose Coach
·      Gestalt Professional Certified Coach
·      Interfaith MInister 
·      Spiritual Catalyst
·      Professional Speaker

Are you receiving inner nudges within your soul to make a change? Are you tired of work that is not aligned with your values? Are you unsatisfied, unsure, insecure and want more? Do you feel disrespected, disempowered, overwhelmed, and unsure of yourself? Don't be discouraged! This is your heart and soul trying to get your attention. 

Email me now for a Live Your Good Life Coaching consult to learn how our programs can help you. Don't let another moment pass you by without discovering how to find your self worth, and living the life you are meant to live.

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Life is short.
Why not do what you love?

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