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You may be reading this because something is nagging at you for more. You probably have achieved some level of success but there's an underlying sense that your life, and who you are in the world, isn't what you hoped. You’ve done everything right. You’ve taken the classes, read the books, done the therapy. You've made lots of progress yet you still feel trapped, anxious, or unsatisfied. You wish you were making a difference with your life.
The fact that you are restless is a clue that something within you is trying to get your attention. Your soul is knocking at the door of your consciousness trying to get you to pay attention.  This is good! Are you ready to listen? 

You may be aware of friends or colleagues and how energized they are because they do what they love and love what they do. Though they suggest that you could do the same you have doubts that it could happen to you. THIS IS NOT TRUE! It can happen to you.
If you long to live a life with more meaning and purpose your "purpose" is longing for you to discover it too. Living a life of purpose isn't selective for some special people. It happens for those who are determined to discover it.

Live Your Purpose - http://www.live-good-life.com/
Becoming intentional about 
uncovering the song of your soul will allow you to discover your purpose for living, With Coaching, a process of deep, pointed questions, enlightening exercises, and additional awareness building tools, you will unlock the quagmire and become more conscious of the existence of your purpose than seems possible here and now. As the process continues an aura of enthusiasm will radiate around you. You will begin to realize the course of action to take and see the living reality of the life you hoped to live begin to come to life. One day, not so far into the distant future, you will discover yourself to be happy and satisfied because you're living in alignment with your values and ideals. Passion becomes the fuel of your work in conjunction with practical business means and methods so that you prosper as you do so. You've stepped into the life that you’re meant to lead and are energized and enthused by the life you live. Yes, my friend, this can happen to you.
Susanna Margaret Goulder works with perplexed professionals, discouraged corporate employees, and frustrated business owners want to discover how to use their strengths and talents to make a difference in the world. 

Clients who worked with Susanna have:
  • Created more powerful career opportunities
  • Reached their goals more quickly with less effort
  • Reduced their stress levels by half
  • Experienced a calmer state of being with increased energy
  • Became clear about actions and moved forward toward a life they love

Live Your Purpose with Arms Open WideSusanna left her successful and secure career as a set decorator in motion pictures and television. She was best known as the original set decorator of “Sex & The City” establishing the look of the show. Susanna was Divinely guided (received the inner nudges) to leave the film business because she wanted to make a difference. She entered seminary to become an interfaith minister. Today it is Susanna's purpose to work with people who are tired of living an unfulfilled life and are ready to address the blocks that stand in their way so they can make a difference and step into the life they’re meant to lead.
Susanna is recognized as a
·      Spiritual Catalyst
·      Interfaith Minister
·      Gestalt Professional Certified Coach
·      Professional Speaker
·      Higher Consciousness Speaker and Teacher

Are you receiving inner nudges within your soul to take a step to live aligned with your values and work with passion in your heart? Are unsatisfied, unsure, and insecure and want more? Email now for Live Your Good Life Coaching so you can step into the life you're meant to lead. Don't let another moment pass you by without living a life you love.

Did you know...
A global survey of today’s coaching practices commissioned by the International Coach Federation (ICF) concluded that coaching creates increased productivity, positivity, effective communication, and fulfillment. In addition, virtually all (99%) companies and individuals surveyed who hired a coach were satisfied and responded that coaching generated forward action. 

If something within you knows 
that it's time to listen to your soul
to create positive change...
take a step and contact Susanna.

Life is short.
Do what you love.

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