A vibration raising, immersion experience, to align with your highest aspirations. 

Live with ease and joy from your 
authentic, uplifted Self.

Learn how to lift yourself out of negative thought patterns and habitual emotional responses that prevent you from being the person you know you can be.
Understand how to connect with the quantum field, restored health, better relationships, and increased wealth.
You will get tools and practices to help you be more of a channel of light and happier in your life.

*The workshop follows the Sunday service of the same title, Good. GOOD GOOD VIBRATIONS! You're invited to the service -or- to come to the workshop only. The service is at 10:00 A.M.

Sunday, July 23, 2017 

Sunday Service: 10:00 A.M.
WORKSHOP: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Location: Unity Chapel of Light
503 Northwest Avenue, Tallmadge, Ohio

EARLY BIRD - $35; DAY OF - $40
*No one is turned away if they cannot pay full price

Questions? Contact: Susanna@Live-Good-Life.com or 216-255-9705


Coming January 2018

Do you want more clients?

  • Do you love what you do but would like more clients? 

  • Do you struggle to let potential clients know what you do without feeling ‘salesy’? 

  • Are "marketing" efforts taking time but not generating clients?

  • Do you wish you had a system that brought in clients easily?

  • Have you taken lots of marketing classes before but are still seeking a system that works for you?

If you answered yes then GET CLIENTS NOW! will help you.

Marketing doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

You have talent and knowledge to help others. You have a vision of success, joy in being of service to others, and work hard to succeed. The challenge is the amount of time, energy, and money that is spent on marketing your business and finding clients. You may be spending more time securing enough clients to reach a stable financial status than you are spending doing what you love to do - and was the reason you went into business.Or, perhaps you have a bad taste for sales and marketing so there is a small number of clients trickling in not a steady flow.
It doesn't have to be this hard. 
In Now! 28-Day Program you will receive ample tools and support so you reach those who could benefit from your talents in ways that to which they respond while being completely authentic to who you are. Bottom line, in 28 days you will get more clients.

What you will receive from

A clear, concise understanding of marketing with a organized system; a highly effective toolkit of sales and marketing techniques; your own customized marketing plan that can be used over and over again; 1:1 individual business coaching; group coaching; group mastermind; techniques that stimulate success; guided imagery; law of attraction; prayer; support and accountability.

The result? 
More clients. More income. More fulfillment. 
Less struggle. More success.


 Enjoy a steady stream of clients coming to you with this simple, time-tested system!

Do you need more income? Do you want more clients?

Would you like to earn a better living with less effort? 
Get Clients Now! is a time-tested system that has helped over 100,000 people. 

It can help you too.

Now! Tele-Class
is perfect for spiritual:

Accountants,  Attorneys,  Bodyworkers,  Coaches,  Computer Professionals,  Consultants,  Counselors,  Designers,  Facilitators, Financial Advisers,  Freelancers,  Healing & Health Practitioners, Insurance & Investment Brokers,  Ministers,  Photographers, Realtors,  Salespeople,  Speakers,  Therapists,  Trainers,  Writers, YOU!

Why is this Get Clients Now! for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Professionals?
This could be the one and only Get Clients Now! marketing program offered anywhere that includes spiritual practices that stimulate success such as of attraction, guided imagery, meditation, and prayer - which puts this already highly effective program on steroids! 
In addition, there is a common belief in spiritual circles that if you're spiritual enough clients will come to you from word of mouth referrals alone. This is a myth. 

"Marketing" is necessary because the people who are seeking your help need a venue to find you. Get Clients Now! helps you find venues that are authentic to who you are that will help your clients find you!

So whether your business is spiritual in nature, or you're a spiritual person who is in business, this program will help you get more clients by February 17, 2017. This will help you diagnose exactly where you are in the marketing cycle and what steps need to be taken to let the floodgates of clients come to you. It will also show you how to stay true to who you are The result is that the women and men who need your services will be knocking at your door. 
I love it because IT WORKS!

 I have invested large amounts of money and time in many marketing programs. Get Clients Now! puts it all together in a highly effective, organized, simple system. This system is easy to learn and apply. The techniques are invaluable. The values are of high standards. It works every year, with every group, and it will work for you!  

Read the testimonials below and discover the satisfaction from previous participants. Their satisfaction is why I continue to offer Get Clients Now! every January. This system with its support and accountability works.

Rave Reviews:

"I decided to join the Get Clients Now program in December of 2015. My business needed a boost. I needed a boost in my business. A boost is exactly what I achieved by attending the sessions and following the very easy to incorporate process from January 4 to February 10, 2016. Not only do I enjoy building my business in a more productive way, but I have doubled my monthly income for the last three monthsI would definitely suggest this program to others looking for a boost in business and spirit toward your business."-Roseann Heinrich,  Founder
Reflections of the Angels

This course makes a differenceIn I obtained 4 speaking engagements, another is in the pipeline, plus 1 coaching client" -Annita Keane, Peak Performance Strategist

“The best marketing system I've ever seen...a lead generating system matched to your personal skills and intentions...You'll find getting clients is a lot easier than you ever thought it could be."-Michael Knowles, Business Consultant

"Susanna Goulder’s Get Clients Now! provided not only a but scaffolding upon which I was able to create and implement a marketing strategy that met my needsThe spiritual environment she creates explained true marketing is really not about money; rather it is allowing an individual to bring their gifts and talents into the world in an effort to help others." -Rev. Laura Craig, Wedding Officiant

Your Enrollment Includes:

  • 2 powerful seminar sessions

  • Session #1: Learn the system that is so well organized it will help you target precisely where you need to Discover the marketing strategies, tactics, tools, and goals that are best for you.

  • Session #2: Live working session, where you design your own 28-day marketing plan, which can be used over and over again.

  • 5 Sessions of mastermind, group coaching, of attraction and accountability.

  • Receive support from your coach and your action group.

*Plus a one-on-one business coaching session with Reverend Susanna, Gestalt Professional Certified Coach.

Program Dates and Times    

Start your new year with new clients!

Tuesday, January 2018
Learn the system that is road tested, simple, organized and works!

Tuesday, January 2018
Take action! Put together your 28-day action plan for the goal you want to achieve in a live working session.
4 Tuesdays, January 2018 
Coaching, Mastermind and Accountability Sessions
Friday, February 2018 
Final Accountability and Celebration Party

All are by telephone. Participate from anywhere!
*All sessions are recorded in case you miss one. 
*This is non-denominational, interfaith,  


Buy the 3rd edition "Get Clients Now!" Book
Attend and participate in the weekly calls.
Set aside time and do the daily and weekly actions that you planned and chose
I guarantee that your business will move forward as a result of this program.


You can learn this system and have a steady stream of clients coming to you by February 2018!  

Register now!

*Special rate available for past participants

Questions? Email: Susanna@Live-Good-Life.com or Call 216-255-9705 

Reverend Susanna Goulder is a licensed Get Clients Now!™ Facilitator. 
Get Clients Now! is a trademark of Wings for Business LLC and is used under license.www.getclientsnow.com