"Thank Susanna. What fantastic coaching. Your questions and our conversation helped me make new discernments, like looking through a different lens so I could comb through feelings, and data in a fresh way leading me to a slightly different direction that I am quite happy with."
Pam Todd
Flowing Rivers Acupuncture

"My thanks for your help and support over the last months....your guidance has helped me gain skills that will help me for years to come. You facilitated an experience that encouraged me to challenge myself and resulted in excellent outcomes." 
JoAnn Berkowitz
JMB Associates

"Coaching has helped me "think outside the box" and brainstorm new possibilities. I see myself differently, in a more positive light."

"Susanna has been an exceptional resource me for several years. Initially she coached me through a reframing of my business, and helped me to focus and to achieve a sense of purpose in the direction I was taking. Then she guided me toward the resources I may need along the way to make things happen according to plan and intentions.  And when I lost my beloved partner of 47 years, Susanna was there to support me as I grappled with the grieving process and as I reignited my focus on spirituality.  And when a wonderful new relationship entered my world, Susanna helped me through the bumps and bruises that happen when forming new bonds.  She not only listens with an extraordinary ear, she captures the present in a way that forces one to keen self- and other-awareness.  Susanna guides one toward an appreciation for the myriad of possibilities that exist in all challenges, and helps one to dig deep and bring forth their personal gifts to grab the brass ring.  As a coach and spiritual advisor, Susanna is unmatched."
Ann Fitzgerald, RN, PhD
President, The Caregivers Coach

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